(Formerly 'TimeZone Line Dance Club')

My name is Lesley Michel. Married to Paul for over 33 years, with two gorgeous daughters, Nicola my eldest, and Natalie who is my baby!

On our first ever trip to Florida, back in 1995 with our good mates Terry & Teresa, we all took a trip to Pleasure Island - part of the Disney complex. At the stroke of midnight, it is New Year's Eve every night there and we had a lot of fun. The one thing that caught my interest was that they were all doing the same dance in a line. We asked what the dance was and could we be taught it. The rest is history as they say.The dance was Electric Slide (which I hasten to add took the best part of 2 weeks to learn!). On our return, Teresa found a line dance club in Chigwell and I went along as often as I could. I was well and truly hooked.

That first night, I thought I had restless leg syndrome, but in fact I was desperately trying to remember the dances we had been taught that evening! It was on one of these nights at the Prince Regent in Chigwell that we witnessed a true professional line dancer in the form of Johnny Two-Step. John later opened a club in Forest Gate and we dutifully attended like camp followers! This pattern continued to the point when Terry decided he might give it a go. Paul's response to being asked to come along was that he was washing his hair! It was at one of John's clubs that I first met our great friend, Pam Pike. She started a regular slot at East Ham Working Mens Club and she persuaded me to get up one evening and teach a dance. I was absolutely terrified as at that time, all the dancers were of intermediate level and I felt very inadequate. But I got on the stage and stumbled through 'Simply Irresistible' and they quite liked it! It was not a difficult dance to do or teach and I felt quite pleased that I'd managed it.

Then a few months later, our dear friend Lee Palmer who sadly is no longer with us, choreographed 'Zorbas Dance'. Anyone who has danced this will know how exhausting it is just to dance it without having to call the steps as well! After foolishly offering to bring this dance to John's club, I was seriously having second thoughts. But I took several deep breaths and gave it a go - they loved it and it did the rounds of the clubs in East London. That experience gave me the confidence to move on to bigger things.

Back in September 1999, Pammi, Paul and I set up a brand new club at Bushey Police Sports Club in Hertfordshire, called The Thin Blue Liners'. I taught there every Sunday night and ran the improver session until September 2007. In June 2005, Paul and I started 'TimeZone Line Dance Club', now renamed 'Rockies & Wranglers CM&LDC' at Walthamstow Trades Hall Club, E17. In January 2007 we started a new beginner club which we have now merged into the existing Tuesday night club. Unfortunately, we have recently stopped our bi-monthly live social nights due to increases in hall hire charges.